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The only solution that leverages your entire cloud stack and SaaS services to comply with every standard, fully automates your compliance program and lifts the burden off your organization.

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Compliance is one of the most effective ways to communicate your security progress. But you don’t trust it nor find it relevant to your security strategy.

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For the first time, get ongoing visibility to your compliance status and track audit processes in real time. Grow your business by adopting new security frameworks, now easier than ever before.

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anecdotes really made my work easier and better. It feels that they know my pain points and knew how to mitigate all my compliance concerns with a straightforward solution and minimum work from my team.

Guy Flechter
ex CISO @ AppsFlyer

The first thing I do when my compliance manager onboards is tell her: ‘go to anecdotes’.

@ Pre-IPO Tech Company

anecdotes democratized compliance for us and put me back in the driver seat

@ Soon-to-IPO Company