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Stop chasing your colleagues for evidence and screenshots.
Enjoy a SaaS platform that works for you.

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Plug-and-play Solution

anecdotes' intuitive plug-and-play solution automates the tedious and time-sapping evidence collection process.

Connect once and we’ll continuously collect and map relevant evidence in the background for you.

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Leverage Your Cloud Stack

Connect our plugins in just five minutes. If you don't find the plugin you're looking for, we'll customize it for you!

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Adopt additional frameworks
without increasing your compliance costs and efforts

anecdotes cross-maps evidence to satisfy controls for different frameworks such as
SOC 2, ISO 27001, PCI-DSS, HIPAA and more with no added manual effort.

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Scale up, easily

Adopt additional frameworks by leveraging your already-existing evidence to satisfy new controls.

Cut your budget in half and dramatically reduce legwork, redundant meetings and ongoing back-and-forth communications.

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Everything In One Place

Invite auditors and colleagues to collaborate in real-time in your shared workspace. Easily interact with your auditors in the context of reviewed controls.

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Compliance Pool

Gain true visibility into your Compliance posture and share it easily

Data Evidence Collection

Remove stakeholder dependencies by automating evidence collection

Interactive Audit

Enjoy a unified workspace for you and the auditor to communicate

Unlimited Plugins

Connect unlimited plugins and meet multiple frameworks seamlessly