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About Us

Building the Future of Compliance Together

Hey, we’re anecdotes. And we didn’t just build the world’s first Compliance OS. We’re also giving Compliance its rightful seat at the table.

For far too long, security Compliance has been whittled down to box ticking and audit passing - a mundane, if not tedious necessity operating in the shadows of larger security programs. But if you’re anything like us, you know what they don’t: Those programs stand on the shoulders of Compliance teams. 

So we built a Compliance home of our own; intuitive, sleek, and loaded with the features and tech we’ve always wanted but never had, from one-click reporting, cross-mapping, and instant gap notifications to real-time integrations with all of the cloud, dev, collaboration, and security tools your business already uses. 

Beautifully simple. Perfectly potent.

And we do it at scale. We get tomorrow’s unicorns ready for the next step. And yeah, if you need the basics, we’ll cover the whole bowl of alphabet soup, from SOC 2 to HIPAA and more.

anecdotes is where Compliance works.

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Behind Our Name

A company’s Compliance journey is shaped by all elements of the business—from security, through R&D, to sales, and HR. Our unique technology empowers security Compliance leaders to collect the anecdotes that tell the company’s Compliance story and to leverage them as a driver for growth.

Our Values

What Makes Us... Us


We believe that real data is the foundation for trust and partnership.


Everything can, and should be, self-explanatory, from Compliance requirements to using our OS.


Anything we do should serve the personal and professional growth of our customers and our team.

Enjoy Smart Compliance

We enjoy creating an environment where everyone can actually enjoy compliance. Really.

anecdotes Founders

Yair Kuznitsov

Yair Kuznitsov

Chief Executive Officer 

Yair is a CEO on a mission--to remove the frustration that typically accompanies Compliance and in the process, save InfoSec teams millions of hours per year collectively. After building and managing teams in different units across the IDF Intelligence Corps, Yair became the head of the hardcore R&D section of the IDF’s elite 8200 unit. After leaving the army, he led the Innovation Group at Intsight, where he successfully brought new products into a highly competitive market. In 2020, he started anecdotes with Roi to re-build the Security Compliance ecosystem to fit the Cloud era. Yair is an avid skier, piano player, and builder.

Roi Amior

Roi Amior

Chief Product Officer

Roi is a seasoned Chief Product Officer with over a decade of leading successful Product Management teams in startups and enterprises. He started in the IDF’s elite 8200 unit and then joined Verint, where he led Product Development and Go-To-Market. He is a sought-after lecturer on the topic of product development. In 2020, after establishing Product teams at two successful startups, he set out to transform the world of Compliance, together with Yair. Roi lives with his family in Raanana and is passionate about people and mindfulness.

Our Values

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228 Hamilton Avenue, Palo Alto, California, 94301, USA

3 HaMelacha St,
Tel Aviv, Israel

1460 Broadway, Suite 9052,
New York, NY 10036, USA

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