The anecdotes Data Engine

Fuel Your GRC Tool with Data

Using a legacy GRC tool no longer means you can't also enjoy automated evidence collection. Even enterprise with complex structures can save time and increase accuracy by powering their existing tools with scalable, configurable, and credible data.

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Manually collecting static evidence wastes your (and your many stakeholders’) valuable time and resources, which isn’t ideal... But what's worse is that those screenshots, spreadsheets, and PDFs are then used for decision-making throughout the organization, compromising the processes.

No matter what tool you use today, you need data to:

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Create Visibility

Provide valuable insights to the organization by understanding exactly where you stand right now.

Establish Trust

Leverage continuous monitoring to build strong relationships internally, and with customers and partners.

Prevent Mistakes

Don’t let outdated or inaccurate point-in-time snapshots find their way into reports and negatively impact the business.

Let anecdotes do the heavy lifting

Whatever tool you are using today, you would be working more efficiently with automatically collected and analyzed reliable data. The anecdotes Data Engine ingests the relevant data from all of your tools and environments and turns it into GRC-ready data sets, all while preserving its completeness and accuracy.

Your same tools, but better

Now that you have streamlined and standardized data that is right for your program, the GRC world is your oyster. You can automatically leverage your data from anecdotes into any of your existing systems. Whether it’s for risk management, control monitoring, report generation, or a centralized evidence repository, do it with automatically-collected data.


Data sources with millions of entities? Multiple business units? No problem. The anecdotes Data Engine was built for companies like yours. Get automatically-collected data to scale your program without scaling your work.


In order to meet the specific requirements of your GRC program, you need more than just data, you need configurable data. The anecdotes Data Engine provides you with the configurability your program needs.


Is it your job to create a standard of data that is accepted by all auditors? No, it’s ours. But it is on you to make sure you are using credible data when creating reports. The data sets generated by anecdotes are accepted by the entire ecosystem.

Data for every stage of your maturity

We believe that the future of security Compliance lies in data-powered Compliance operating systems that allow you to automate, manage, and monitor your entire program in one place. We also believe that even if your organization isn’t ready to leave its legacy GRC tool behind and adopt a Compliance OS, you should still get to enjoy the benefits of scalable, configurable, and credible data. Let The anecdotes Data Infrastructure take your security Compliance program to the next level.

Your Compliance & Risk Programs, Under One Roof

anecdotes empowers your team to tackle even the most complex and sophisticated Compliance & Risk issues in one intuitive OS.

Policy app

Manage the policy lifecycle with configuration and automation of the approval process. 
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Audit app

Manage audits from start to finish in a shared workspace with your auditor and stakeholders.
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Compliance Posture app

Understand your Compliance and Risk posture, monitor your controls, and proactively reduce risks.
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Risk app

Define, assess, and monitor risks based on real data, by connecting Compliance controls to different risks.
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Project management and collaboration

All your systems, tools, and team in one place. Build workflows, manage projects – and never chase down a screenshot or spreadsheet again.
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Framework app

Manage all your frameworks in one place, and easily scale to new Compliance milestones by leveraging existing work.
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Automated evidence collection and mapping

Effortlessly collect evidence from SaaS tools and cloud environments, and map evidence to the appropriate controls.
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From evidence to controls to frameworks, customize your Compliance and Risk programs end-to-end to suit your ever-changing needs.
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Unified controls view

See all your controls in one dedicated, easy to interpret, and easy to leverage view. 
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Build trust by providing full visibility of your progress to stakeholders with visualized data and reports. 
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