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How HiBob Retained Control Over Sensitive Data with Optimal Compliance Management

We looked around for a tool that would help us scale compliance as we grew and secure our evidence collection. anecdotes is the ideal solution for mature companies that need to meet complex business requirements

Adi Kimhi, Head of Compliance at HiBob


  • Compliance Framework Management: HiBbob faced the challenge of managing multiple Compliance frameworks across various business units and regions, leading to resource consumption and organizational strain.
  • Manual Labor Intensity: Manual processes, including dedicated spreadsheets for each regulation and framework, consumed significant time and resources, causing organizational strain and inefficiencies.
  • Regulatory Alignment: Ensuring alignment between different Compliance regulations and frameworks, such as SOC 2 audits and ISO 27001 certifications, posed a challenge due to disparate data sources and manual processes.


  • Seamless adoption of anecdotes: HiBbob adopted anecdotes to streamline Compliance processes, eliminate manual labor, and consolidate multiple frameworks into one centralized platform.
  • Comprehensive Plugin Coverage: Leveraging anecdotes' extensive plugin ecosystem, HiBbob automated evidence collection and achieved cross-mapping of controls across different Compliance frameworks.
  • Data Control and Management: Utilizing anecdotes' data delegation capability, HiBbob retained control of their data while benefiting from enhanced Compliance automation and management features.


  • Efficiency and Organization Improvement: HiBbob eliminated manual labor and spreadsheet management complexities, achieving streamlined Compliance processes and improved organizational efficiency.
  • Enhanced Compliance Visibility: With The anecdotes Compliance OS, HiBbob gained a unified view of controls across multiple frameworks, ensuring alignment and consistency in Compliance efforts.
  • Comprehensive GRC Management: Beyond Compliance, HiBbob utilized anecdotes for policy management and risk management further enhancing their security posture and operational efficiency.

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