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How Swimlane Enhanced Tracking and Visibility of Their Compliance Program

Having a tool that tracks all controls from a framework level and also a control level lets me easily identify where our strengths and weaknesses are in our entire posture

Jack Rumsey, Head of GRC at Swimlane


  • Difficulty Tracking Requirements: Struggling to effectively track requirements across audited frameworks including SOC 2, ISO, FedRamp (Moderate), NIST CSF, GDPR, and HIPAA.
  • Control Testing and Monitoring: Inability to adequately test controls for monitoring and reporting customer audit requirements, particularly for SOC 2 compliance.
  • API Integration for Reporting: Needing a robust API to seamlessly push data to Swimlane’s system for comprehensive reporting purposes.


  • Utilization of Frameworks and Analysis Tools: Leveraging anecdotes’ frameworks alongside evidence scoping, analysis rules, and cross-evidence analysis to enhance GRC management.
  • Custom Frameworks for Tailored Management: Implementing custom frameworks to address specific customer audit requirements and internal control testing needs, ensuring comprehensive GRC management.
  • Integration with Swimlane’s System: Leveraging anecdotes API to seamlessly integrate and push data to Swimlane’s proprietary system, facilitating efficient reporting and analysis.


  • Improved Risk Assessment Process: anecdotes Risk Management App provides a centralized source of truth for risk assessment, streamlining the process by incorporating mitigating controls and generating actionable outcomes efficiently.
  • Enhanced Compliance Tracking: anecdotes' plugin suite enable thorough tracking of compliance key fields across systems, reducing reliance on invasive access permissions and empowering the GRC team.
  • Comprehensive Compliance Visibility: anecdotes ability to track controls at both framework and control levels facilitates easy sharing of compliance status and identification of strengths and weaknesses in the organization's overall posture.

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