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Automate evidence collection from your tech stack, cross-map data and policies to your existing controls, and implement custom analysis rules to match your testing strategy.

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Holistic Compliance With Robust Monitoring of Safeguards

Manage your HIPAA program with unparalleled value and efficiency by relying on continuous testing of data that's specific to your environment and obligations. Automated playbooks reduce time to handling detected gaps and and ensure robust controls are always in place to detect and mitigate potential violations. This holistic approach ensures that your organization stays ahead in compliance, maintaining the highest standards of data security and privacy.

Benefits of data-first approach
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Policy Monitoring with Precision and Ease

Effortlessly navigate the complexities of HIPAA policy management with anecdotes. Our solution ensures that your monitored controls are directly referenced to relevant policies, providing a clear and cohesive compliance framework. This will not only streamline your policy oversight but also enhance the accuracy and effectiveness of your compliance efforts. Benefit from a structured approach where every control is aligned with policy requirements, simplifying management and reinforcing your commitment to stringent HIPAA standards.

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Experience the future of HIPAA compliance, where data-driven precision and user-friendly simplicity merge to revolutionize your healthcare data protection strategy

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Navigate HIPAA with Proactive Risk Strategy

​​Master HIPAA's risk management requirements by effortlessly integrating risks with relevant policies and mitigating controls. Our platform offers a cohesive approach, correlating risk entities with corresponding policies and controls, ensuring integrated compliance without siloes. This critical alignment not only simplifies risk management but also fortifies your HIPAA strategy, providing a clear path for identifying, managing, and mitigating risks effectively while upholding the highest standards of patient data protection.

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Continuously collect and analyze data from your tech stack to eliminate manual processes

Credible Data

Rely on live, structured, and scoped data as credible evidence for your HIPAA assessments

Everything in one place

Establish a unified language among your team, your stakeholders, and your consultants.

Unlimited Frameworks

Reuse the policies and work from HIPAA for every future framework you adopt