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Define, monitor, and mitigate cybersecurity risks by basing mitigating controls on live data and your unique business context.

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Risk Strategy Based on Continuous Control Monitoring

NIST CSF is often adopted by companies with a risk management focus, aiming to mitigate risks through continuous controls monitoring. Its distinctive tiered approach provides effective milestones for advancing risk and compliance programs. By combining the flexibility of anecdotes with NIST CSF, you can set and deploy a strategy that is precisely tailored to your company's needs.

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Cross-Framework Visibility

As enterprises reach a certain level of maturity, gaining visibility across all frameworks becomes critical to effectively monitor key controls associated with high-priority risks. Many of our customers opt for NIST CSF for these purposes, and utilize it through our platform's cross-mapping and the unique Unified Controls View (UCF).

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Your North Star to Risk Management

NIST CSF outlines five key domains for managing cybersecurity risks: Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond, and Recover. Risk and compliance leaders looking to adopt this methodology often face the challenge of maintaining up-to-date mappings between the risks in each domain and their correlated mitigating controls. To address this, our platform provides GRC leaders with a native capability to efficiently manage and align these elements

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