anecdotes + Tines: Automating Compliance Workflows

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Compliance automation from detection to remediation

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With the anecdotes and Tines partnership users can now automatically collect and process Compliance data with The anecdotes Compliance OS and have it trigger actions in Tines. The triggered actions enable the early detection of gaps and the quick and effective remediation of issues. This provides Compliance teams with the best of both worlds, Compliance and workflow automation, allowing them to elevate their Compliance game to new heights.

With anecdotes and Tines, You Have:

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Data-powered Compliance

With live data, advanced automation, and an array of applications, data artifacts are utilized to gain true visibility into your Compliance Posture.

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Automation from Start to Finish

Bringing advanced automation to Compliance activities and workflow management, minimizing manual and repetitive work.

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Transforming Workflow Automation

Tines’ no-code automation helps organizations make complex security workflows work to their advantage, bringing together business critical processes across internal and external systems.

No-Code Workflow Automation

Tines’ no-code automation platform transforms Complex security processes with advanced workflow automation. Every workflow - every Story – can be built with a unique combination of just seven types of Actions. It’s a system anyone can learn: no code, no scripting, no SDKs.

Powerful Compliance OS

Leverage the power of data and automation to meet all of your Compliance needs within the anecdotes Compliance OS. With a variety of applications powered by verified data, Compliance leaders can turn manual, time-consuming, and siloed tasks into an automated, continuous, and strategic Compliance journey.