anecdotes + Whistic: Building Trust With Automation

Bridging Compliance Information and VRM
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Bringing Together the Powers of Automated Compliance and Vendor Assessment Review

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Through advanced automation, anecdotes and Whistic are transforming Compliance and the vendor assessment review process. The partnership enables anecdotes users to consolidate all their security documentation and Compliance information managed and automated by the anecdotes Compliance OS within the Whistic Platform.
Vendor profiles can be published to the Whistic Trust Catalog for free, enabling customers to conduct zero-touch assessments of their security posture without requiring additional work by the vendors. This intuitive approach saves InfoSec teams countless hours on both sides of the transaction.

With anecdotes and Whistic, You Can:

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Data-powered Compliance

With live data, advanced automation, and an array of applications, data artifacts are utilized to gain true visibility into the Compliance Posture.

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Automation from Start to Finish

Bringing advanced automation to Compliance activities and vendor assessments, minimizing manual and repetitive work.

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Data-Based Transparency

Building trust by providing the ability to proactively publish and share security documentation with customers and prospects.

Building Trusted Vendor Connections

Whistic is the network for assessing, publishing, and sharing vendor security information. The Whistic Vendor Security Network accelerates the vendor assessment process by enabling businesses to access and evaluate a vendor’s Whistic Profile, then create trusted connections that last well beyond the initial assessment.

Powerful Comliance OS

The anecdotes Compliance OS empowers users to leverage data and advanced automation to address their Compliance needs. With a variety of applications, Compliance leaders can turn manual, time-consuming, and siloed tasks into an automated, continuous, and strategic Compliance journey.