Launching 2024 With Key Plugins For The Enterprise Stack

Roi Amior
May 23, 2024
January 24, 2024
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Enterprises, with their distinctive DNA and unlike SMBs, rightfully embrace best-of-breed solutions. They meticulously select technologies that can be finely tuned to their unique challenges and processes. This strategic approach ensures that the vast corporate operations are not constrained by platform limitations while still harnessing the full value of modern technology.

Addressing the challenge of evidence collection and analysis for GRC within their complex and highly customized tech stacks, enterprises often confront a significant barrier: the absence of a 'one size fits all' solution. This leads to a lack of standardization and a heavy reliance on manual efforts by employees and consultants. In this unique environment, static, pre-defined, or templated solutions adequate for SMBs fall short of the versatile needs of a typical enterprise. The intricacies of these environments necessitate a different approach, one that is pivotally centered around credible data sets.

The anecdotes' mission and commitment to assisting GRC teams in enterprises in overcoming these challenges significantly influence the value we deliver. This commitment is firmly anchored and enabled by our robust data foundation. This combination of approach and technology allows us to offer uniquely flexible solutions specifically tailored to the complex and nuanced needs of enterprise environments. This distinction sets us apart in the realm of GRC noise.

I'm thrilled to introduce a new package of enterprise applications natively supported by anecdotes. These applications are critical to enterprises, and their plugins provide valuable data that plays a crucial role in data-oriented enterprise GRC programs.

ServiceNow: We introduce a unique plugin with flexible capabilities that let users create and track tickets in ServiceNow for remediation purposes. Unlike most of the ServiceNow integrations on the market, creating a ticket from anecdotes is not limited to standard ServiceNow tickets but enables the customization of dozens of fields to create unique ticket types, as usually created in enterprises.

Elastic: as a robust warehouse, Elastic holds rich data that can satisfy controls of multiple processes. Since any organization uses Elastic differently, we built this plugin to support “custom evidence,” the anecdotes’ unique concept of no-code evidence generator. By running an Elastic query from within anecdotes, users can get any filtered data sets they need as credible evidence.

Splunk Enterprise & Splunk Cloud: Building a robust plugin infrastructure means supporting both Public Cloud & Private Cloud integrations. Leveraging anecdotes’ unique private-cloud connector, our customers can pull any logs they need from Splunk, using the Custom Evidence flow and running Splunk Query Language through anecdotes to continuously monitor relevant data for GRC. Since Splunk is used by enterprises for various purposes, from log management to investigation or SIEM, evidence varies and can satisfy Change Management controls, Logging & Monitoring controls, and Security Operations controls.

Microsoft Active Directory, on-prem: As a leading identity management tool, many enterprises hesitate to migrate from their On-Prem AD to Azure AD. Using our unique on-prem connector, these organizations can now enjoy the automation of dozens of critical pieces of evidence to satisfy Access Control and Device Management controls, required by any standard or custom framework. As an IdP, AD data is also used as key evidence in User Access Review processes, also automated by a dedicated anecdotes application.

Oracle HRIS: Joining our HR tools suite, this new addition is built to serve enterprises that run with the entire Oracle Suite. The plugin collects all the necessary data to satisfy Human Resources controls, and also provides an employee list that functions as the single source of truth for the new anecdotes’ User Access Monitoring engine, comparing employee status from your HRIS against user lists from dozens of systems.

This incredible package of plugins represents not just a leap in capabilities but also a significant milestone in our journey to lead the data transformation for enterprise GRC teams. The immense value and potential it unlocks for enterprises cannot be overstated. 

Stay tuned for more exciting announcements coming shortly, focusing squarely on the anecdotes Evidence Lab – a critical component of our ongoing data-oriented innovation.


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