Product Update: Introducing anecdotes’ Requirement Hub

Traditionally, the cross-mapping of frameworks has occurred at the control level, linking controls with similar themes through a single, common control. This method often lacks precision as it overlooks the nuanced differences in control objective implementation requirements across frameworks. In contrast, mapping controls at the requirement levels address these intricacies by linking controls that have shared requirements. This method allows for controls with shared requirements to be addressed simultaneously without claiming false "equivalence" between controls.

Centralized Requirement Management for Enhanced Visibility

anecotes Requirement Hub serves as a centralized hub for monitoring and managing cross-framework requirements, eliminating the need for fragmented monitoring across different frameworks. With Requirements Hub, you gain cross-framework visibility, continuous monitoring, and the ability to perform highly efficient and granular scoping.

Transitioning to Proactive Compliance Management

By centralizing your work on the Requirements Hub, you can transition from an audit-focused mindset to continuous compliance management. Through ongoing monitoring of your requirements, you can proactively identify and address gaps as they arise. As a result, when audit season arrives, the effort required to set up and conduct audits should be significantly reduced, eliminating surprises related to control failure. This allows you to dedicate most of your time to achieving and maintaining continuous compliance.