Product Update: Introducing OpenAI Guidance

Generative AI is all the rage today, and with every team in your organization using AI to power their work, why shouldn’t you be able to take advantage of this new technology as well? Introducing anecdotes’ OpenAI Integration that assists GRC teams with contextualized guidance to their Compliance program. With this new integration, be able to get the knowledge and skills that are lacking from your GRC team with the world's most adopted AI. This integration provides an easy self-service approach to getting the needed guidance for your time-sensitive compliance program.

It is hard to be a jack of all trades unless you are AI…

It is no surprise that good talent is hard to come by when considering the complexities of Compliance, the need to understand IT Security controls, the different risks associated with them, and the possible strategies to consider when dealing with them. ISACA released a report on an increased need for skills and training from existing staff and the absence of technological staff when trying to obtain digital trust. Combine this with the fact that teams are having to work with reduced budgets, and it is clear why the skills and people problem is only getting worse. The current climate has a lot of organizations looking inward at how to get internal resources from adjacent teams for Security Compliance. To help solve this problem, anecdotes has found a way to leverage innovative technology with 133 billion data points so that you can further mature your program.
From ISACA State of Digital Trust Report 2023

Utilize the anecdotes Open AI integration to improve your Compliance Program

With the OpenAI integration, teams can now address and mature their program using this innovative technology without compromising on the cost to the organization. With anecdotes you get both automation and AI to work for you so that you can save time and address the issues that matter to your organization.

Improved efficiency

OpenAI can quickly provide information and answers to questions related to GRC controls, which can save you time and improve efficiency. This can help your Compliance stakeholders make better decisions even in areas where they lack expertise.

‍Increased accuracy

OpenAI is trained on vast amounts of data and can provide accurate responses to questions related to controls. This can help you ensure that decisions and actions are based on accurate information, which can reduce the risk of errors.

Accessible 24/7

OpenAI is available 24/7, which means that you and your stakeholders can get answers to your questions at any time, even outside of normal business hours. This can help ensure that, no matter the time zone, issues are addressed quickly and reduce

Use OpenAI with your controls

Select from a set of standard queries that have been validated by Compliance professionals to help guide you to the right answers.

Query Library

Select from a set of standard queries that have been validated by Compliance professionals to help guide you to the right answers.

Generate Responses

Configure the query to add more context, write your own, or ask a follow-up to get the guidance you need to mature your Compliance program. You can also clear the questions from a specific control to start fresh.

All things Compliance at your fingertips

Want to learn more about how you can scale your mature compliance program and be seen as a value driver in your company? Contact us to learn more about how we can automate compliance and more for your organization We are not only integrating OpenAI we even created a framework dedicated to hardening the security around AI. Check out the anecdotes AI Framework for more information.