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Product Update: Introducing anecdotes’ New Analysis Engine

anecdotes team
September 20, 2023
anecdotes team
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Product Update: Introducing anecdotes’ New Analysis Engine

The inability to truly know their organizations’ level of compliance at any given time or to detect and remediate gaps before they become a problem has caused many challenges for Compliance teams. As these processes are traditionally performed manually and without sufficient data, the potential for human error and oversight has often led to unintentional neglect of certain areas and the failure to identify Compliance gaps in time. Several Compliance tools have made attempts to address these challenges. However, due to inadequate configurability and limited availability of rich data, the analysis process yielded false positives. The new anecdotes Analysis Engine empowers GRC teams through the utilization of data-driven automation to perform deep analysis of extensive standardized GRC data-sets to automatically identify gaps and enhance the team's understanding of the organization’s posture.

The Need to Empower Accuracy and Proactive Gap Detection

In the world of Governance, Risk, and Compliance, identifying and remediating gaps quickly is crucial. These gaps indicate control deficiencies or evidence shortfalls that highlight emerging risks and policy non-compliance. However, the ever-growing tech stack, complex organizational structure, and evolving risk landscape of modern companies, make real-time gap detection and remediation extremely difficult with the current solutions on the market. Data fragmentation across systems, departments, and sources further add to organization’s challenges with performing deep and thorough gap analysis.

anecdotes’ Analysis Engine: Empowering Customers to Attain Proactive GRC Monitoring

With the introduction of the new engine, users gain access to robust analysis capabilities that automatically detect gaps in their data and provide deep visibility into their Compliance posture.

How it works

Configurable Insight - See what matters most to you.

Configure custom rules or select from an extensive library of rules, allowing you to effectively monitor and gain insights on organization-specific requirements tailored to your Compliance and Risk program.
Custom rules - With easy filtering, you can set up your own rules for gap detection, allowing you to flag any gaps and tailor your insights to your needs.

Automated evidence status

Based on the rules set, the status of evidence will automatically change from Auditable to Gap when any deficiencies related to the evidence are detected. Following the remediation of a gap, the evidence will automatically transition from Gap back to Auditable.
Gaps or Warnings - In the event that a gap or warning is identified within evidence, relevant control and requirement owners receive timely notifications.

Continuous GRC posture

Stay on track with your GRC program with continuous monitoring of Compliance and Risk. Open tasks to remediate any gaps or warnings detected to ensure you comply with your own standards at any given time.
Take action to remediate - Open tasks for collaborators on anecdotes, Jira, Slack, and more to remediate gaps detected.

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