SLA - Service Level Agreement

All capitalized terms shall have the meaning ascribed to them in the Master Services Agreement (the “MSA”), unless expressly provided otherwise in this SLA. In the event of a conflict between the MSA and this SLA, the terms of this SLA shall control over Support and Maintenance Services.
Company shall provide Customer with the following Support and Maintenance services during the Term of the MSA between the parties (the “Support and Maintenance Services”):
Platform guidance
Assist with plugins authorization
Resolving platform bugs
Company undertakes to devote its professional expertise to provide the Support and Maintenance Services in a skillful, loyal, timely and diligent manner, and shall perform the Support and Maintenance Services with the highest degree of professionalism and in full compliance with the terms and conditions of the MSA, including this SLA. 
In providing the Support and Maintenance Services, Company shall:
provide the necessary infrastructure, technology, people, processes, resources and other tools necessary to provide the Support and Maintenance Services in accordance with the terms herein;
meet response times associated with the priority assigned to incidents and service requests as set forth herein;
All requests for Support and Maintenance Service by Customer (a “Request”) shall be provided to Company technical support (the “Technical Support”) in the following ways:
By Email:;Any change to the Technical Support contact information set forth herein shall be communicated to the Customer in writing and take affect no earlier than forty eight (48) hours from such notice.
Company shall provide the Support and Maintenance Services, and Technical Support shall be available and responsive to Customer, during regular business hours (Mon-Thu 7:00-18:00 GMT).
All Requests shall be assigned a severity level (Level 1 through 3) according to Table A below (the “Incident Severity Level”), which shall be determined by the Customer (acting reasonably and in good faith) and noted in each Request.
Company shall initially respond to and confirm receipt of a Request within the response time set forth below in Table B (the “Response Time”) according to the Incident Severity Level. The Response Time shall begin upon Company’s receipt of a Request from Customer.
Company shall make efforts to resolve each Request according to the definitions set forth in Table C below. Company shall have the right to change the Incident Severity Level, and the Company's determination shall be binding upon the parties.
Company may downgrade the severity level if Customer is not able to provide adequate resources or responses to enable the Company to continue with problem resolution efforts.

Last updated on March 30, 2022