anecdotes + Snowflake: A Data-Driven Approach to Security Compliance

Data Retention Without Limits.
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anecdotes and the Cybersecurity Workload Ecosystem

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The Snowflake cybersecurity ecosystem empowers security teams with additional capabilities to their cybersecurity strategy, covering a full range of use cases. By partnering and collaborating via the Snowflake Cybersecurity Workload data lake, anecdotes and Snowflake combine the power of Compliance automation and the Snowflake Data Cloud, to allow organizations to gain full visibility into their security Compliance posture.

With anecdotes and Snowflake, You Can:

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Data-powered Compliance

With live data, advanced automation, and an array of applications, data artifacts are utilized to gain true visibility into the Compliance Posture.

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Consolidate Your Data

Credible datasets from various sources are automatically integrated, removing the need to gather and analyze data manually.

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Secure Data Flows

Common and unique data-driven use cases, such as BI and monitoring, can be created without compromising data security.

Data retention without limits

Security compliance teams need to retain security logs for annual audits, but fragmented data makes it extremely difficult for teams to keep their organizations compliant with a variety of security controls and policies. anecdotes partnered with Snowflake to enable customers to store years of security data at a cost-effective price.

Powerful Compliance OS

Customers can operationalize their security data that is stored in Snowflake to manage their security Compliance program on anecdotes' powerful Compliance OS. By leveraging advanced automation capabilities, and the various modules, all Compliance challenges can be fully and accurately addressed from daily activities to audit-related tasks.

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