anecdotes + Wiz: Reducing Risk with Advanced Cloud Security and Compliance Automation

Automated Cloud Security and Compliance
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Bringing together Compliance Automation and Cloud Security

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The partnership between anecdotes and Wiz enables Compliance and development teams to prioritize cloud security so that their organization can align their operations with regulatory requirements, protect sensitive data, build customer trust, and mitigate the risks associated with Cloud Risk. The integration between the two platforms automatically collects and maps data from Wiz to the relevant controls and frameworks within The anecdotes Compliance OS, ensuring automated Compliance is maintained against industry standard regulations and benchmarks.

With anecdotes and Wiz, you have:

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Data-powered Compliance

With live data, advanced automation, and an array of applications, data artifacts are utilized to gain true visibility into your Compliance Posture.

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Advanced Cloud Security and Compliance Automation

Continuous automated Compliance providing robust visibility and reporting capabilities for monitoring and maintaining a secure cloud posture.

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End-to-End Cloud Security

Empowering security and development teams by providing visibility, context, and risk prioritization to their Cloud Security.

A Platform for Everything Cloud Security

Wiz is on a mission to help organizations create secure cloud environments that accelerate their businesses. By creating a normalizing layer between cloud environments, their platform enables organizations to rapidly identify and remove critical risks.

Powerful Compliance OS

Leverage the power of data and automation to meet all your Compliance needs within The anecdotes Compliance OS. With various applications powered by verified data, Compliance leaders can turn manual, time-consuming, and siloed tasks into an automated, continuous, and strategic Compliance journey.