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Building Trust Through VRM and Compliance Automation

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How the Intersection Between the Two can Help Your Organization

In today's complex business environment, managing vendor risk is crucial for building trust with partners.

In this webinar we took a deep dive into the world of Vendor Risk Management (VRM) and Compliance Automation. Watch how our panel of experts from Whistic and anecdotes explored the importance of data in building trust and how vendor assessments and security Compliance if done right, can benefit each other.

What we covered:

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The importance of aligning your Compliance posture with your VRM efforts, to reduce risk and demonstrate trust.

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How data and automation can streamline your compliance efforts and increase transparency with clients and partners.

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Introduce the Whistic and anecdotes integration as a tool for demonstrating trustworthiness and increasing transparency in business relationships.

Jake Bernardes

VP Security & Compliance, at Whistic

Kerwyn Velasco

Senior Product Marketing Manager, at anecdotes