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Compliance - Driven Pentesting:

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How to Achieve Business Growth and Resilience

Staying compliant with industry standards is vital for any business. But it's not just about ticking boxes - it's about creating a robust security posture that supports growth and resilience.

In this webinar, together with experts from Cobalt and Barr Advisory, we explore the importance of pentesting and Compliance for driving business growth and resilience. We also take a deep dive into how advanced pentesting and Compliance automation can be used to strengthen your security Compliance posture.

What we cover:

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The importance of pentesting and Compliance for business growth and resilience

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The nuances between the different Compliance pentests required for different frameworks

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The challenges with pentesting and auditing

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How advanced pentesting can strengthen your security Compliance posture

Larry Kinkaid

Senior Advisor, Cybersecurity Consulting

Mark Scrano

Information Security Manager