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The Commoditization of SOC 2 - Can the Trend Still be Reversed?

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The commoditization of SOC 2: What does it mean for you?

Remember when having SOC 2 meant something?

Once upon a time, having a SOC 2 report in hand actually meant something. With a SOC 2 report, a company could communicate its commitment to security to its customers and prospects.

But does having SOC 2 still extend that trust? And if not, how did we get here?

This fascinating webinar on-demand discusses how the commoditization of SOC 2 impacts the relationship between vendors and customers and the effect on the security community as a whole. We also explored what can be done to reverse this trend and what companies that want to reflect their Compliance posture to prospects should keep in mind.  

What to expect:

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What does the “commoditization of SOC 2” actually mean?

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What role do the different stakeholders in the Compliance community play in this process?

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How does this impact the trust relationship between vendors and customers?

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What impact does this have on the Security community overall?

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And so much more!

Rivky Kerr Friedman

Third Party Assurance leader at Deloitte Israel

Val Dobrushkin

Director, Risk & Compliance at Noname security

Taylor Hersom

CEO & Founder
at Eden Data