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Automate evidence collection from your tech stack, cross-map data and policies to standard and tailored-compensating controls, and implement custom analysis rules to match your testing strategy.

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Flexible Building Blocks

To meet the ISO 27001 standard, companies must manage various security domains covered by the standard and govern them through robust processes and procedures, resulting in the implementation of an ISMS (Information Security Management System). Our platform introduces flexible building blocks designed to establish and monitor these key areas, including risk assessments and treatment, policy management, control monitoring, user access reviews, and more.

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Welcome The ISO Family

ISO 27001 serves as a robust baseline standard, complemented by a range of 'extensions' that cater to specific focus areas. Our solutions enable companies to incrementally add value while avoiding the common pitfall of managing each standard in isolation. Key ISO certifications include a privacy focus with ISO 27018 & 27701, cloud security with ISO 27017, business continuity with ISO 22301, and adapting to the latest 2022 revision of ISO 27001.

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Data-focused ISO journey leads to deeper insights, proactive compliance, and future readiness.

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Navigating Risks Proactively

Point-in-time risk assessments and annual remediation plans may only fulfill basic requirements. To truly add value to your business, a continuous and proactive approach towards risk assessments, management, and mitigation is essential. Our Risk Manager application offers a user-friendly solution that meets these needs with its data-oriented design. It seamlessly integrates with all other aspects of your ISMS, including mitigating controls, policies, access monitoring, and more, ensuring comprehensive risk management.

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Continuously collect and analyze data from your tech stack to eliminate manual processes

Credible Data

Rely on live, structured, and scoped data as credible evidence for your ISO assessments

Everything in one place

Establish a unified language among your team, your stakeholders, and your consultants.

Unlimited Frameworks

Reuse the policies and work from ISO 27001 for every future framework you adopt