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Fast Plug-and-Play Solution

With just a few clicks, you can connect relevant plugins to meet your SOC 2 requirements. With SOC 2 automation, connect once and we’ll continuously collect and map relevant evidence in the background.

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For the Cloud-Era

Leverage every SaaS tool in your organization to satisfy your SOC 2 Compliance requirements. Connect our plugins in just five minutes and connect file management plugins (Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, BOX) to automatically collect and monitor policies and documents.

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Adopt more frameworks
without increasing your Compliance costs and effors

Manage your SOC 2 and other frameworks in one place

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Eliminate Back-and-Forth

With a shared cloud workspace, everyone gains instant access to the anecdotes’ audit zone. Invite auditors and colleagues to collaborate in your SOC 2 audit in real time. Eliminate redundant meetings, easily chat with your auditor, comment on questions in the context of reviewed controls, and get notified about any gaps as soon as they are located with your SOC 2 Compliance automation platform.

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SOC 2 Automation

Eliminate compliance legwork and take your last screenshot today

Credible Data

Continuously collect and map relevant data into credible evidence

Everything in one place

Establish a unified language among you, your colleagues and auditors

Unlimited Plugins

Connect unlimited plugins and meet multiple frameworks seamlessly

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