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Automate evidence collection from your tech stack, cross-map data to your existing controls, and implement custom analysis rules to match your testing strategy.

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Gain Independence and Reduce Associated Costs

Leverage the valuable data within your existing tech stack as a cornerstone for SOC 2 compliance, utilizing anecdotes' platform to unlock this data's potential for continuous compliance monitoring. Our in-house developed plugins enable you to proactively oversee your SOC 2 requirements, streamlining the process and reducing dependency on external stakeholders. Our approach ensures meaningful collaboration with stakeholders, focusing on critical gaps in your business and facilitating a streamlined, efficient compliance process.

Adopt a Data-first approach to GRC
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Accuracy Without False Positives

Experience the precision of our SOC 2 solution, carefully built to deliver accurate compliance monitoring and reporting, free from the burden of false positives. With anecdotes, you can manage multiple SOC 2 scopes, leveraging efforts already made in other compliance obligations to most efficiently reach your milestones. Tailor your testing strategy with ease using our no-code solution, designed specifically for setting custom analysis rules that align with your requirements. Eliminating false positives not only enhances accuracy but also prevents the risks of blind spots in your compliance program.

Customize your controls testing

Enjoy the future of SOC 2 compliance, where data-driven precision meets user-friendly simplicity, redefining your approach to compliance

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Efficient, Accurate, and Simplified SOC 2 Audits

Embrace the ease and assurance of SOC 2 audits with anecdotes. Our platform transforms the traditionally complex audit process into a streamlined journey, trusted by top auditors in the industry. Anecdotes stands as a testament to reliability and integrity in SOC 2 compliance. With our solution, you gain not just a tool, but a partner recognized for excellence, ensuring your audit process is smooth, credible, and thoroughly aligned with industry best practices. Experience firsthand the peace of mind that comes from a platform known for its commitment to quality and precision in the world of SOC 2 compliance.

Enjoy Your Audits


Continuously collect and analyze data from your tech stack to eliminate manual processes

Credible Data

Rely on live, structured, and scoped data as credible evidence for your SOC 2 audits

Everything in one place

Establish a unified language among your team, your stakeholders, and your consultants.

Unlimited Frameworks

Reuse the evidence and work from SOC 2 for every future framework you adopt