anecdotes Enhances Risk Manager Application on its Leading Security Compliance OS Platform

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May 15, 2024

TEL AVIV, Israel and PALO ALTO, Calif., June 14, 2023: anecdotes, the leading security Compliance technology firm, today announced the launch of an updated version of its Risk Manager Application, making it the most comprehensive solution for Compliance leaders seeking continuous risk monitoring. Powered by data and automation, the Risk Manager delivers unmatched enterprise-level risk management insights and monitoring capabilities, enabling organizations to apply a risk-first approach to a broader Compliance management context. With the launch of the enhanced Risk Manager Application, The anecdotes Compliance OS further establishes anecdotes as the leading Security and Compliance risk management solution on the market.

The Risk Manager was designed by Security and Compliance risk experts based on industry knowledge, experience, and RCSA best practices. Security Compliance leaders can import their existing risk register or adopt various out-of-the-box risks available within the risk library. Adopted risks are automatically linked to the relevant mitigating controls across all adopted Security Compliance frameworks.

By providing the automated and manual ability to assign mitigating controls to risks, anecdotes enables organizations to achieve data-powered risk management. anecdotes continuously collects Security and Compliance related data points from the organization’s tech stack and, in turn, defines the status of impacted controls. These controls are tied to risks, thereby creating a clear path through which data directly impacts residual risk levels. anecdotes is the first and only Security Compliance automation solution on the market to provide customers with data-powered risk management.

The flexibility of the new Risk Manager allows Compliance teams to have a risk management tool that conforms to their way of managing risk rather than having to conform to the tool. This is thanks to customizable risk matrices, tagging capabilities, historic data visualizations, and more. Furthermore, collaboration tools allow for easy communication with and verification from relevant teams and stakeholders, streamlining processes and creating greater accountability, organization-wide. 

“Our data-first approach and automation allow for a more advanced, streamlined risk management process, empowering our customers to adopt a risk-based mindset, rather than being solely control and audit focused,” said Roi Amior, CPO and co-founder at anecdotes. “With real-time risk management, reporting risk posture up the chain of command becomes a truly reliable, business-critical activity.”

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