anecdotes Launches Data Scoping Wizard, New Compliance OS Module Dedicated to M&A Activity

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May 15, 2024

Innovative feature unifies disparate Compliance programs and IT infrastructures to further accelerate company growth

TEL AVIV, Israel & PALO ALTO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--anecdotes, the first operating system (OS) for Compliance, today announced the launch of a new module that will help streamline the mergers and acquisitions (M&A) process for companies spanning multiple Compliance standards, frameworks, and IT infrastructures. anecdotes’ new Data Scoping Wizard will strategically support companies post-M&A by providing a unified workspace to manage their evidence collection processes and disparate Compliance programs.

Mergers and acquisitions are one of the strongest catalysts of advancement and expansion for high-growth companies and can provide a great opportunity to scale. But while there is often a clear path for how to proceed before and during the M&A process, the post-M&A period frequently leaves GRC and Compliance leaders with multiple, siloed, and incongruous Compliance programs and standards that can expose companies to risk and hinder their ability to scale. Implementing true Compliance alignment and a unified roadmap are therefore increasingly critical to a successful integration post-M&A.

anecdotes’ Data Scoping Wizard now allows Compliance leaders to connect anecdotes’ plug-ins from the environments of each subsidiary company and manage them all in the Wizard by selecting correlating data sources that provide evidence for each respective framework. The function will free Compliance leaders from chasing various internal stakeholders and enable GRC professionals to manage multiple iterations of SOC 2, PCI, or any other frameworks in the same dashboard. In turn, this helps:

  • Create multiple framework instance: Companies can manage and modify dedicated frameworks for each subsidiary, with their own unique characteristics and data sources
  • Connect various IT environments: Each company can keep its own infrastructure, and evidence from multiple sources can be collected and monitored in one workspace
  • Collaborate across companies: Compliance leaders can manage each subsidiary’s own Compliance program from a single pane of glass with specific tasks, timelines, and colleagues per company

“M&A is often such an exciting time for a company’s trajectory, but can quickly turn tedious, stressful, and impact overall success when misaligned GRC teams are unnecessarily set up for disaster from the start,” says Roi Amior, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of anecdotes. “In our commitment to automating compliance for hypergrowth brands at all stages, we sought to create a dynamic and intuitive way to seamlessly integrate subsidiary Compliance programs during these critical milestones. Using a standardized, data-oriented approach, our Data Scoping Wizard solution harmonizes and optimizes these operations in ways not previously possible.”

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