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Automatic & ongoing cloud Compliance monitoring
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Enhance Your Cloud Environment Compliance Posture

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From a Compliance perspective, an organization's cloud infrastructure plays a pivotal role, primarily when its products or services operate in this environment. The key lies in establishing a secure and compliant ecosystem to meet the demands of clients, vendors, and regulations. By capitalizing on the insights from anecdotes, you can consistently monitor your infrastructure's Compliance, empowering you to effectively address vulnerabilities and misconfigurations. Google Cloud Marketplace is a platform for customers to discover and deploy new software that runs on Google Cloud. The anecdotes and Google Cloud partnership simplifies technology adoption with a consolidated purchasing experience and seamless integration with Google Cloud accounts, SaaS contracts, and joint billing.

With anecdotes and Google Cloud, you have:

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Data-powered Compliance from the GCP Marketplace

Advanced automation and various applications to gain accurate visibility into your Compliance Posture. Now available on Google Cloud Marketplace.

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Easily Satisfy Access and Security Controls

The Google Cloud and anecdotes integration allows users to satisfy dozens of access management and security operations controls automatically.

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Automated Evidence From Your Cloud Environment

Streamline the procurement process and effortlessly manage various program-wide and audit-specific needs with The anecdotes Compliance OS.

anecdotes, Also Available On Google Cloud Marketplace

The anecdotes Compliance OS, now available to Google Cloud customers on the Marketplace, empowers organizations operating on Google Cloud or multi-cloud environments to seamlessly address their security Compliance requirements with data-driven automation.

Powerful Compliance OS

Leverage the power of data and automation to meet all your Compliance needs within The anecdotes Compliance OS. With various applications powered by verified data, Compliance leaders can turn manual, time-consuming, and siloed tasks into an automated, continuous, and strategic Compliance journey.