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DevOps and Compliance - How to Build the Right Relationship

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How can they live in harmony? Join us to find out!

DevOps and Compliance teams have traditionally worked in silos. However, at a time when Compliance is of growing importance to organizations, there is an urgent need for the two teams to work in harmony.

In this webinar, our experts will discuss how DevOps and Compliance can better work together, how to make sure that Compliance and security are implicitly built into the delivery pipeline, and how automation can help them achieve those goals.

What you’ll learn:

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The problems with the way DevOps and Compliance interact today
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Strategies for building effective communication between Compliance and DevOps teams
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How automation can help in building a better relationship between the teams

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Ruben Velazquez

Head of Information Security and Compliance

Neal Kirschner

Chief Information Security Officer

Kerwyn Velasco

Senior Product Marketing Manager