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Security by Design: How To Leverage Compliance for Better Security

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How To Leverage Compliance for Better Security

Compliance and Security have always had a delicate relationship; Which one is more important for companies to focus on? Can bolstering Compliance maturity lead to better security–or do they exist in parallel, yet separate, universes? And where does risk analysis come in? 

The truth is that Compliance posture deeply impacts security posture; With robust Compliance programs, companies can achieve better security in every stage of their maturity. 

What you'll learn:

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How effective Compliance can help overcome security blind spots 
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Top tips for maturing your Compliance in a way that will help mature security as well
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The role risk analysis should play in improving security  
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 And much more!

Lilach Solomon

Senior Compliance Manager, JFrog

Tim Lukasiewicz

Senior Infrastructure Security Engineer, instacart