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In control: How Compliance teams can thrive in a downturn

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When budget is cut, think out of the box and use it to your benefit.

The financial uncertainty of 2022 has forced many companies to review their roadmap, tighten up budgets and quickly change annual strategies to be aligned with the “do more with less” approach.

To address these challenges, we invite you to join our webinar, where our panel of experts will discuss:

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What are the main Compliance challenges that economic slowdowns create?

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How can Compliance leaders improve their Compliance efforts despite budget cuts?

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How can Compliance needs be communicated to leadership?

And of course, live Q&A to ask questions in real time.

Get a front-row seat as our experts dive deeper into these topics. Click the "Save Your Spot" button, block time in your calendar, and get the clarity you need to spark change within your team and organization.

Ruben Velazquez

Head of Information Security and Compliance

Neal Kirschner

Chief Information Security Officer

Kerwyn Velasco

Senior Product Marketing Manager