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Building The Foundation of a Mature Compliance Program

anecdotes takes a different approach to Compliance than the other tools I saw. It can adeptly handle the complexity of a fast-growing SaaS environment, supplying a wide range of plugins for tools in use across the organization that other compliance tools just don’t address. You can tell it’s built with fast-growing companies in mind, which is just what we needed here at Similarweb.”

Raz Karmi, CISO @ Similarweb


  • Manual Labor Intensity: Meeting SOC 2 requirements demanded substantial manual effort in collecting evidence from various stakeholders within Similarweb, creating a time-consuming and labor-intensive process.
  • Resource Constraints: Limited resources made it challenging for Similarweb to implement additional Compliance frameworks, such as ISO 27001, affecting their ability to demonstrate commitment to security practices.
  • Diverse Requirements: Managing the different requirements for SOC 2, matching evidence for numerous requests, and the complexity of a fast-growing SaaS environment posed a significant challenge for evidence collection.


  • Automated Evidence Collection: anecdotes’ Compliance OS enabled Similarweb to automate over 80% of their evidence collection, reducing the manual workload and allowing the team to focus on more complex tasks.
  • Tailored to Fast-Growing SaaS Environments: anecdotes provided a solution that adeptly addressed the complexity of Similarweb's tech environment, offering a wide range of native plugins for enterprise-level tools used across the organization
  • Cross-Mapping Evidence Capabilities: The cross-mapping feature allowed Similarweb to efficiently achieve ISO 27001 certification by leveraging the work already done for SOC 2, demonstrating the adaptability and efficiency of anecdotes.


  • Successful SOC 2 Audit & ISO 27001 Certification: Similarweb successfully passed its SOC 2 audit. Leveraging cross-mapping evidence, they also attained ISO 27001 certification, contributing to the maturation of their Compliance program without extensive additional effort.
  • Efficient Onboarding of Risk Manager: The robust risk library in anecdotes’ OS facilitated the seamless onboarding of the risk manager, consolidating tools and saving Similarweb from having to introduce yet another separate tool.
  • Future-Ready Compliance Maturity: With the OS, Similarweb positioned itself for future Compliance frameworks, as they can easily add on additional frameworks with the cross-mapping and automation capabilities provided by anecdotes.

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