anecdotes + Cobalt: Automating Compliance Pentesting

Compliance-Driven Pentesting
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Bringing the power of automation to Compliance and Pentesting

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anecdotes and Cobalt have joined forces to transform the Compliance Pentesting process by powering the two with advanced automation capabilities. The integration between the two platforms automatically consolidates and associates all Compliance pentesting documentation and reports with relevant requirements and frameworks within the anecdotes Compliance OS.
Together we offer our customers advanced pentesting and Compliance that drive business growth and resilience.

With anecdotes and Cobalt, You Have:

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Data-powered Compliance

With live data, advanced automation, and an array of applications, data artifacts are utilized to gain true visibility into the Compliance Posture.

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Automation from Start to Finish

Bringing advanced automation to Compliance activities and vendor assessments, minimizing manual and repetitive work.

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Modern, smarter Pentesting

Accelerate your Pentest cycles and gain the real-time insights you need to remediate risk quickly and innovate securely

Faster, Smarter & Stronger Pentesting

Cobalt provides a Pentest as a Service (PtaaS) platform that is modernizing the traditional, static penetration testing model. Cobalt is transforming pentesting by providing streamlined processes, developer integrations and on-demand pentesters who have undergone rigorous vetting.

Powerful Comliance OS

Leverage the power of data and automation to meet all of your Compliance needs within the anecdotes Compliance OS. With a variety of applications powered by verified data, Compliance leaders can turn manual, time-consuming, and siloed tasks into an automated, continuous, and strategic Compliance journey.