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You already know that if you want to close deals, you need SOC 2. With anecdotes, you can easily and painlessly pass your first audit and get set up for success.

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Effortlessly meet and maintain SOC 2 and other frameworks

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Get all the solutions you need to start your Compliance journey right, in one place. From automating evidence collection, through generating customer trust reports, to using pre-built policies, you can find it all in the anecdotes Compliance OS. And with easy access to professional auditors and Compliance experts, you can stop worrying about SOC 2 and start closing more deals. 

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Ace Your First Compliance Milestone and Drive Business Growth

Now you can easily solve all your SOC 2 needs with the industry’s first Compliance OS, paired with an unmatched team of Compliance and SaaS experts. 

SOC 2 Audit Management

Simply and seamlessly manage your audit from start to finish in one central place with your auditor.

Evidence Collection

Stop wasting time chasing screenshots and excel sheets with automated evidence collection.

Auditors Access

Gain access to a leading auditor who fits your company size and needs. 

Policy Templates

Get access to pre-built policy templates, connect file management plugins for existing policies, and leverage automated policy-to-framework control mapping.

Professional Customer Success

Get the support you need with a dedicated team of CSM, with vast experience in SaaS platforms and Compliance.


Your peer network, designed to help each member meet and exceed SOC 2 and general InfoSec Compliance goals.

Compliance OS. To Answer All Your Compliance Needs

Introducing the anecdotes Compliance OS, the first ever Operating System designed to meet the unique needs of startups and turn Compliance into a business driver. 

Policy Management

Manage the policy lifecycle with configuration and automation of the approval process. 

Audit Management

Manage your audit from start to finish in one central place with your auditor. 

Compliance Posture Monitoring

Monitor your Compliance posture and close any gaps with real, live data. 

Automated Evidence Collection

Effortlessly collect evidence from SaaS tools and cloud environments, and map evidence to the appropriate controls.

Customer Trust

Foster transparent relationships with customers by enabling them to see your controls and evidence in real-time.

Framework Management

Effortlessly manage all frameworks in one place and leverage existing work to easily scale to new Compliance milestones. 

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anecodotes' innovative approach to data sharing is a hallmark of a new generation of cybersecurity solutions that deliver maximum value by breaking down data silos between vendors and customers.

Omer Singer
Head of Cyber Security Strategy @ Snowflake

As Ginzi grows, our Compliance process becomes more complex. anecdotes makes meeting new frameworks simple.

Ben Jacobs
Co-founder and CEO @Ginzi

anecdotes is a competitive advantage. We are able to increase trust with our customers by giving them the option to monitor our Compliance posture in real time on the anecdotes platform.

Jonathan Schneider
Co-founder and CEO @Moderne, Inc.

Focus on your startup goals, we’ll automatically take care of your Compliance goals.