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Snowflake and anecdotes: Unlocking the full potential of your Compliance data

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Compliance teams collect and validate large amounts of data to meet an array of Compliance objectives. However, Compliance data is more than just a regulatory obligation; it’s a valuable asset that can enhance business operations across the organization. With advancements in technology, Compliance leaders can now leverage their data to go beyond ensuring Compliance, driving business value and gaining a more prominent role within their organization.

In this webinar, together with experts from Snowflake, we explore how Compliance data can be leveraged to improve business processes, reduce risks, and enhance decision-making. We also discuss how business intelligence tools and analytics can be used to analyze contextualized Compliance data at scale and gain actionable insights.

What you'll learn:

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The potential value of security Compliance data beyond “just” Compliance

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The role of Compliance teams in driving business value through the effective use of security Compliance data

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How the utilization of Compliance data enables Compliance leaders to gain a more prominent role within their organization

Omer Singer

Head of Cybersecurity Strategy

Brian Lee

Senior Manager, Global Compliance Operations

Roi Amior

Co-Founder & CPO