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Scaling Compliance with Data and Automation

Having all plugin data and relevant stakeholders within the system makes it very easy to collaborate and allows me to easily monitor the work and progress on ongoing tasks

Erez Epstein, Director of IT and Security at Hunters


  • Multiple Compliance Frameworks: Managing various frameworks and Compliance projects with a small team and limited resources, creating a significant workload.
  • Inadequate Vendor Solution: The previous vendor lacked the advanced capabilities needed for growth and maturity of a Compliance program, leading to inefficiencies in automation and technology.
  • Scaling Difficulty: Difficulty in scaling the Compliance program due to manual processes and limited technological support, hindering the organization's ability to manage the increasing workload effectively.


  • Comprehensive Compliance Automation: Selection of anecdotes Compliance OS to streamline Compliance activities and reduce manual workload significantly.
  • Extensive Plugin Integration: Leveraged anecdotes' extensive set of plugins for seamless data integration, enabling a higher level of automation and reducing dependence on manual processes.
  • Automated Evidence Collection and Mapping: The advanced automation for evidence collection and mapping eliminated the need for external consultants.


Time Savings: anecdotes automated 70% of Hunters’ evidence collection and Compliance processes, freeing up Erez and his team to focus on other strategic matters.

ROI: On top of the time and resources saved internally, by using The anecdotes Compliance OS, Hunters eliminated the need for an external consultant, saving them an estimated $20-30K annually. 

Auditor Collaboration: The auditor's expertise with using anecdotes’ platform enabled the auditor to easily access data and provide feedback directly within the platform, enhancing collaboration and making the entire audit process easier.

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